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Charity Project Web Development

codeclutch was commissioned to build a dynamic web presence for a charity initiative centered around Rett syndrome. Our challenge was to create a digital platform that not only informs and engages but also serves as a cornerstone for fundraising through innovative NFT sales, with 50% of proceeds allocated to charitable efforts.

About Client

Our client, a beacon of hope in the medical charity domain, focuses on combating Rett syndrome. Supported by Germany’s largest Rett organization, along with a network of technological and social partners, their mission is to drive awareness and funding for this noble cause.

The Challange

The project’s central challenge was to craft a website that resonates with the charity’s mission while incorporating the branding provided by our partner agency. The site needed to be meticulously designed to facilitate future NFT sales while currently serving an informational role.

Solutions Provided

We developed a versatile website that aligns with the partner’s branding and is optimized for user engagement. While its primary function is to educate visitors about Rett syndrome and the charity’s work, the infrastructure has been laid to support NFT sales, ensuring a seamless transition to a mint page when the client is ready.


The platform was built on WordPress, chosen for its flexibility and content management prowess. To enhance the technological architecture, we employed a suite of advanced plugins and custom themes tailored to the client’s unique needs. The website was designed to be scalable, ensuring it can evolve to include e-commerce capabilities for the charity’s future NFT fundraising initiatives.

Key Achievements

The Charity Project Web Development initiative successfully launched a compelling website that not only raises awareness for Rett syndrome but also sets the stage for a pioneering fundraising approach. The site’s design has been lauded for its aesthetic appeal and user-centric experience, while its anticipated role in selling NFTs for charity marks a milestone in non-profit fundraising strategies.

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