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National Register of NGO Information Offices

At the client’s request, we undertook work on the National biNGO Register, a central platform aggregating data of more than 9,000 public benefit organizations in Poland. Our portal allows users to easily search for organizations, make donations, volunteer, view financial data of organizations, thus increasing transparency and supporting active participation in society.

About Client

NGO Information Office Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting transparency and cooperation between the public and the non-profit sector in Poland. Their work focuses on building trust and openness through initiatives such as the National BiNGO Register, which allows easy access to information about organizations while promoting accountability and financial transparency.

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Solutions Provided

Project takeover and implementation

We took over a project from previous contractors who had kept it stagnant, offering the client no prospects for its development or launch. It became our priority to revitalize and dynamically implement a plan that would change this state of affairs, paving the way for success.

Creating a dedicated PayU payment system

Developing the functionality of the portal, we designed and implemented a dedicated PayU payment system. This system was specifically tailored to handle donations, collections and subscriptions, which significantly streamlined and secured users’ financial transactions.

Fundamental Rebranding

We engaged in major user interface modifications to refresh and modernize the layouts. These activities were aimed not only at improving the aesthetics of the portal, but also at increasing its usability and bringing it in line with current design trends.

Optimization and performance analysis

From the beginning of our work on the project, we attached great importance to the optimization and performance of the portal. We consistently worked to improve the loading speed and responsiveness of the site to ensure the best possible experience for all users.

Sales systems integrations and user behavior monitoring

Responsibility for integrating external CRM systems, campaign tools, and systems for monitoring statistics and user behavior rested with our team. As a result, we were able to create a cohesive ecosystem of tools that enables the precise tracking and analysis of data necessary to optimize sales and marketing strategies.

Production deployment and putting up the infrastructure

We executed a production deployment, creating a stable and scalable infrastructure that ensures the continuity of the site and supports a growing number of users.

Project care and maintenance

We provide continuous care and maintenance of the project, implementing updates, debugging and developing functionality to ensure its reliability and relevance in a rapidly changing market.

February 2023

Contract Signing

Start of work
In February 2023, we began working with the NGO Information Office Foundation, taking over the project from another contractor. Our team, consisting of three experienced specialists, carefully analyzed the Foundation's requirements, introducing dynamic and innovative solutions. Our work not only met the Foundation's expectations, but also opened up new opportunities for future cooperation.
April 2023

Development of dedicated PayU integrations

A proprietary solution for transferring payments
In April, we completed the first phase of the contract, introducing dedicated PayU payment solutions. The scope of the project included subscription payments, one-time and recurring donations, cash collections, and comprehensive services related to these operations.
June 2023

New Portal Design

Refresh views and implement UX recommendations
In June, we began the next phase of work, focusing on refreshing the layouts and frontend of the portal, in accordance with UX recommendations. As a result, we were able to modernize the old design, which was given to us by previous contractors.
August 2023

Organization and Administrator Panel

Creation of a sales product
In August, we began developing a panel for organizations and administrators, the heart of our product sold through the portal. In addition to the key functionalities of managing an organization on the portal, this panel also offers advanced tools to facilitate communication and monitor activities.
October 2023

Preparation of a special database

Analysis of financial statements for 2022
In October, we are proceeding to the next key stage, which is the preparation of the database in view of the publication of financial statements by organizations for 2022. At the same time, we are creating the appropriate conversion algorithms, based on a special methodology, which will enable the analysis and presentation of financial data in an accessible and understandable way.
January 2024

Testing the application

Comprehensive pre-implementation preparation
We tested the application in January 2024, focusing on its functionality, usability and performance. Our goal was to ensure that all elements worked smoothly and were intuitive for users. Through these tests, we were able to identify and eliminate potential problems before the app was officially released.
March 2024

Launching the portal

Launching the business and selling the product
In March 2024, we launched the portal, which is the culmination of our work and efforts to date. This moment marked the transition from the intensive development and testing phase to the actual operation of the platform.

Key Features

The Challenge

The implementation of the project brought with it a number of challenges that required not only technical expertise, but also creative thinking and the ability to innovate. One of the main challenges was to take over and revamp the existing project, which up to that point had not met the expectations of the client or users. We not only had to understand and fix the mistakes of previous contractors, but also redesign the system to make it more intuitive and efficient.

Implementing a dedicated PayU payment system for various forms of transactions, such as donations, collections or subscriptions, was another challenge. This required a deep understanding of user needs and ensuring a high level of security and reliability of payments.

The development and implementation of systems for subscription services, content management (CMS) and integration with external CRM systems were tasks that required detailed planning and coordination. Each of these functionalities had to be designed to support the overall strategy of the project and be in line with the client’s expectations.

Additionally, creating intuitive and functional dashboards for the organization, administrators and the content management system (CMS) was challenging from a UX/UI perspective. Our goal was to ensure maximum usability and accessibility, which required iterative design and testing processes.

All of this took place in a rapidly changing technology environment, which further complicated the processes of implementing and integrating new solutions. However, thanks to team commitment, flexibility and focus on the goal, we were able to overcome these challenges, creating a product that not only meets, but even exceeds customer and user expectations.


We used a rich set of modern technologies in the project to ensure its high quality and innovation. We based the backend of our application on the Laravel framework, which guaranteed the stability and security of the system. We mainly used Vue.js to build the user interface, but in cases where interactivity was key, and at the same time preserving SEO optimization was fundamental, we reached for the Blade template engine. This combination allowed us to create dynamic UI elements without negatively impacting the site’s search engine positioning.

We used Tailwind CSS to efficiently design responsive layouts, enabling quick and intuitive styling without having to write complex CSS. Python, with its versatility and powerful libraries, was used in areas requiring advanced calculations and algorithms, especially for data processing and external integrations. Node.js provided the basis for building fast and scalable server applications that efficiently handle high loads.

For pages and functions critical from an SEO perspective, where fast loading and indexing by search engines was essential, we used Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) techniques. SSR allowed us to process the content on the server side and send the finished HTML to the client, significantly speeding up the page loading time and its perception by search engine robots. SSG, on the other hand, was used to generate static pages at application build time, further optimizing the speed of access to key content. This strategic approach to the choice of technology and rendering methods ensured that our portal had both high interactivity and excellent positioning in search results.

Key Achievements

One of our main successes was the successful takeover and revitalization of a project that had previously stalled under the care of other contractors. Our successful implementation of a dedicated PayU payment system, specifically tailored to handle donations, collections and subscriptions, significantly improved the functionality and security of financial transactions on the platform. In addition, our initiative to thoroughly modify the front-end to refresh the layouts contributed to a significant modernization of the portal’s image, which was warmly welcomed by users. The implementation of optimization and performance analysis from the very beginning of the project ensured high speed and responsiveness of the site, which had a direct impact on the satisfaction of end users. Effective integrations with CRM systems and user behavior monitoring tools allowed us to accurately track and analyze data, which in turn contributed to the optimization of sales and marketing strategies. Our approach to the use of modern technologies such as Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Python and Node.js, combined with SSR and SSG techniques, not only allowed us to ensure high performance and reliability of the portal, but also opened up a wide range of possibilities for its further development.


codeclutch has successfully realized and implemented the largest NGO support platform in Poland, thus eliminating the problems left by predecessors. We especially appreciate the commitment and competence of the management, including the personal contribution of Mr. Górny. Cooperation with codeclutch, based mainly on virtual meetings, was characterized by efficiency and quick response to our needs. What sets them apart is their full commitment to projects and a team of hard-working professionals, with Mr. Dymon and Mr. Górny particularly recommended.
Tomasz Pietrala
Chairman of the Board of the NGO Information Office Foundation

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