Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and operating application containers. It eliminates many of the manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications.

Mastering Container Orchestration

Kubernetes provides a framework to run distributed systems resiliently, taking care of scaling and failover for your application, providing deployment patterns, and more.

Microservices Architectures: Managing and scaling microservices efficiently.

Self-Healing Systems: Automatic restarting, replication, and scaling of containers.

Automated Rollouts and Rollbacks: Managing application updates and versions with precision.

codeclutch leverages Kubernetes to empower businesses to build, scale, and manage their applications in a modern, flexible, and automated manner. We ensure that applications are resilient, scalable, and fully optimized for the demands of the digital era.

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