Create the right software for your business.

We offer a range of dedicated IT services, tailored to the individual needs of business owners. Our team can help you find the right solutions for your unique business.

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Our Services

We develop Software that solves your Needs

Dedicated Applications

We develop dedicated solutions in the form of top-quality software, ranging from websites to advanced portals and mobile applications.

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We create dedicated Online Stores using the best technologies available on the market.

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We develop Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications and SC Integrations.

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Dedicated Applications

Bring your app idea to life with codeclutch

We develop software that conforms to all the latest programming practices. Effectively combating technology debt in existing projects, the software we develop is efficient, adaptable to scalability. With each project, we take care of detailed project documentation.

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Increase the efficiency of your Online Store with codeclutch

Using top E-Commerce solutions, we implement our clients' online stores to the next level. We take care of every detail, significantly increasing sales results in the process.

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About Us

Modern Software House with Dedication

We are codeclutch, Software House with 6 years of experience in the field of software creation and development. We have completed over 30 commercial projects in 2021. Our company was established to develop customized, innovative and highly functional technology solutions for businesses and enterprises, for both personal and professional use.

  • Clear Communication
  • Selected Technology Stack
  • Professional Approach
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Meet Our Team

Team Member

Michał Górny

CEO | Co-Founder
Team Member

Michał Korczak

CTO | Co-Founder
Team Member

Łukasz Jewasiński

CMO | Key Account
Our Specials

We also love Open Source

OctoberCMS Plugins

Since the October v1 we develop Open Source plugins, so useful for most sites.

NFT Minting Page

We provide NFT Minting Page example with clear documentation of how to mint your collection your way.

SPA Renderer

Having troubles with SEO at your Single Page Application? Check out our SPA Renderer.



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From finding the right technology for your business, to building efficient and effective systems, we offer a comprehensive range of services that will help you grow your business.

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